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Walkr takes the guesswork out of walking in new areas by seeing where other people have recommended. You can also add your favourite routes, vote on routes as well as discussing all things outdoor.

Who We Are

Walkr was devised by James Stone, a life-long walker, hiker, trekker and all-round ambulator. His walking history takes in long distance trails in the UK and Europe, some of the worlds best treks in the Himalayas, Mount Kosciuszko in Autralia and many, many footpaths, bridleways, BOATS and RUPPS in southern England and Wales. When not walking, he used to be found hiding in caves in Mendip but is now more often found sea kayaking in and around Poole, Dorset.

As a sideline, James and his wife Ali, took up Geocaching a number of years ago to find new places to explore. This opened up whole new areas that would have been previously written off as not interesting enough to warrant a special trip. Many of these areas proved to be hidden gems, away from the crowds and known only to the locals, both rich in terrain and history.

Realising that not everyone wants to spend their time looking for Tupperware boxes in hedgerows, James and Ali thought it would be a great idea to make these routes, as well as new routes, available to others, as well as inviting them to share their own hidden gems. Walkr is the result.

We hope you find Walkr useful and get as much enjoyment out of the countryside as we do.