It's easy to create a GPX route on your Handheld GPS iPhone Android Laptop Desktop

You can create a GPX route as you walk using your phone or GPS handheld or, alternatively, you can create a route from scratch on your desktop or laptop.

Read on below to find out how to use each method in a few, easy steps..

Handheld GPS

One of the easiest ways to record a GPX route is just to use your handheld GPS. Check that your Tracks are set to auto-record or, alternatively, start tracking when you start your walk.

Once you're back from your walk, sync or download the track to your computer and you're then ready to upload it to Walkr.

We use a Garmin eTrex 20 GPS and Garmin Basecamp to fine tune and export the GPX files.

Here's a couple of GPS Route Planners:

Mobile Phone

To use your mobile phone to record a GPX route, simply type 'GPX' into your App Store or Google Play and take your pick from many free and paid for app's.

Most are easy to use and you might want to try out a few to find your favourite.

The great thing with using your phone is that you can create a route and upload it to Walkr directly, without needing a computer.

Here's a few popular iPhone apps:

Here's a few popular Android apps:

Desktop & Laptop

You can create a GPX route from scratch using one of many online and downloadable programs. Many are free and allow you to plot routes without having to walk them first.

Type 'GPS editor' into your search engine and take your pick.

Some of the more popular online and downloadable apps are:

A List of further sites can be found at