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Another easy, if muddy circular walk around the Chobham area.  This time around Mimbridge.

A good starting point with parking is Just off the Chobham road - Grid ref: TQ002604.  From there, follow a tarmac track through woodland before bearing right onto a muddy footpath.  From here, the footpath skirts both teh McLaren Technology Centre (of supercar fame) and Fairoaks airport where you'll normally see a range of light aircraft as well as some vintage aircraft and the police helicopter coming and going.

Bear left at the footpath junction and follow the small river until you come to a minor, but sometimes busy, road with restored mill opposite.  

Turn left and follow the road for a couple of hundred metres before crossing and taking the footpath buy the large, grand looking building.  Crossing over the footbridges, you'll follow the river (The Mill Bourne) again through some fairly uninteresting flood plains until you take a left turn and bear South.  These fields can sometimes be pretty liberally flooded.

The path crosses another minor road followed by the larger A3046 (care required). and turns left by a home for the elderly.

The next left turn is very difficult to see.  We missed it and ended up walking up the driveway marked 'No Entry' before joining the footpath a hundred metres up.

At the end of the path, you'll arrive at the back end of a garden centre.  The way forward can prove confusing but is, in fact, the unmarked metal gate directly ahead.  You'll then pass through the garden centre's grwoing areas before passing through another metal gate.

The trail then turns right and follows the track to Horsell Common.  From there you have a free reign to choose your path.

Refreshements can be had at the new cafe opened up near, but to the west of the car park at the start of the trail.

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